Stainless Steel Fabrication and suppliers of high quality bespoke stainless steel Laboratory, Catering, Healthcare and Sanitary ware.

Producing high quality bespoke stainless steel fabrication solutions to your specifications, working with you to ensure your exact requirements and timescales are met.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Products from DSM

DSM was founded in 1966 by skilled experts in the stainless steel industry to meet the demands of customers that had requirements for stainless steel units with specifications and quality well beyond the ‘off-the-shelf’ examples produced by the larger manufacturers.

Throughout its history DSM has focused on 3 core principles that have set it far apart from its competitors:

Quality – All DSM units are all hand made from start to finish by highly experienced engineers, using the highest quality stainless steel available, ensuring the highest possible level of quality at every step of the production process.

Specification – Virtually every single stainless steel item produced by DSM is made to exact customer specifications. DSM’s customers therefore obtain items that precisely fit their use, space and application.

Lead Times – We endeavour to meet even the tightest of timescales requested by our customers, and always deliver precisely to the timescale agreed when the customer places their order.

Today DSM’s operation is even more strongly underpinned by these core principles with an even greater focus on the quality of its stainless steel units and customer service. Our relationship with many of our customers goes beyond the simple customer-supplier arrangement, and we act much more as a partner to our customers, working with them to provide cost effective, high quality stainless steel solutions to meet their needs or those of their customers.

Due to its extensive history DSM boasts a highly skilled workforce, hugely experienced in the shaping and manipulation of stainless steel, from cutting and shaping, through fixing and welding, to the final finishing and polishing. This results in consistent quality assurance at every stage of the production process ensuring stainless steel products of the highest quality that our customer can be proud to use or supply onwards to their own customers.

DSM will consider any stainless steel project, and will work with you to ensure the highest quality and most cost effective stainless steel solution that meet your or your customers’ needs.