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Stainless Steel Cupboard

Stainless Steel Laboratory Cupboards from DSM provide the ultimate in durability. Constructed from high quality 304 or 316 grade stainless steel as required, Stainless Steel Cupboards ensure the most impact resistant, chemical resistant and aesthetically pleasing storage solution available for the modern laboratory.

Stainless Steel Cupboards are completely bespoke, and can be manufactured to the precise dimensions specified and can be tailored with a wide variety of customisable option, to meet the exact requirements of the project.  Possible options for Stainless Steel Cupboards can include:

     •  Shelves – either full or partial length, and full or partial depth, and in any number and spacing.

     •  Doors – either hinged or sliding in any size required

     •  Drawers – available in a number of depths

     •  Locks – for doors and drawers can be added as required

     •  Handles – available in a number of styles, including D-shaped and recessed

     •  Feet – height adjustable feet are fitted as standard, alternatively castors can be fitted to make the cupboard truly mobile.

     •  Plinth – fixed or removable plinths

Stainless Steel Laboratory Cupboards can be supplied with a variety of integral Stainless Steel Laboratory Worktops, either as plain worktops with or without upstands, or as Laboratory Sink tops with integral stainless steel bowls and drainers.

Stainless Steel Cupboards can also be supplied with an open top and worktop fixing plates, for quick and simple integration beneath an existing worktop.

Stainless Steel CupboardStainless Steel CupboardsStainless Steel CupboardStainless Steel Cupboards
Stainless Steel CupboardStainless Steel CupboardsStainless Steel CupboardStainless Steel Cupboards
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