A Stainless Steel shield to protect over Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Hill House

A Stainless Steel shield to protect over Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Hill House

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World renowned architect, artist and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh died in December 1928, but his impact on European design remains to this day.

One of his most well known architectural designs, Hill House in Helenburgh, Scotland – originally built for publisher Walter Blackie in 1902, remains intact to this day thanks to a recent comprehensive restoration project to protect it for future generations.

Considered by many to be Mackintosh’s most important architectural work after the Edinburgh School of Art, the project involved the construction of a giant super-structure to completely contain Hill House, and included walls constructed from stainless steel chain mail mesh to allow air circulation to the house which has incurred decades of rain water ingress.

The transparent chainmail structure was the brain-child of London architect Carmody Groarke and took 6 months to construct over the 20th-century Scottish tower house, characteristic for its slate tiling, rough rendered walls and lack of external decorative features. The protective structure will allow for extensive further renovation, estimated to take up to a further 15 years under the supervision of the National Trust for Scotland.


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Image: Author Tom Parnell from Scottish Borders, Scotland. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.