What connects a cow, stainless steel, Margaret Thatcher and vegans?

What connects a cow, stainless steel, Margaret Thatcher and vegans?

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There’s a new cow in this Wild West town… a cow unlike anything the world has ever seen… it’s silver and vegan friendly!  

The brand “Those Vegan Cowboys” are the culprits, or by their other names Jaap Korteweg and Niko Koffeman.

Their brand uses precision fermentation to create vegan cheese, a new method nod seen on the market before. In this process, microbes are used to produce the same casein protien as dairy. This tech has been popularised by Bay-Area Perfect Day, which just saw Nestlé release its first precision fermentation milk made with Perfect days whey.

The tech removes cows from the equation in order to create more ethical and sustainable dairy products, that can replicate the texture and taste of conventional dairy. The dairy is produced in a stainless steel bioreactor named ‘Margeret' by Kortaweg. “Named after Margaret Thatcher, this bovine beauty is quite the revolutionary lady herself,” the company says on its website. On top of that she’s actually made of metal, unlike the original.

“As the first female prime minister of the country, Thatcher famously put her iron will and vision for the future in the words: ‘there is no alternative.’ Our Margaret is the first of her kind as well, and the embodiment of our own vision for the future. However, she spreads a message that’s quite the opposite, a message that will transcend national borders: ‘I am the alternative.’”


Whilst we don't manufacture Stainess Steel cows at DSM, we thought the story would amooooooose you anyway!