Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless-steel shelving from DSM is both beautifully finished and the most robust option available for any setting.

Our products can all be custom made precisely to your design, size and spec...

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25 Year Guarantee 25 Year Guarantee

Our products are covered by our full 25-year material and workmanship guarantee for complete peace of mind

Fully Bespoke Fully Bespoke

Our products can all be custom made precisely to your design, size and spec, to precisely suit your project

Premium Quality Premium Quality

Our skilled engineers utilise the highest-quality materials, to ensure the highest possible level of construction and finish

Prompt Delivery Prompt Delivery

We endeavour to meet even the tightest of timescales and always deliver precisely to the timescale agreed

Stainless Steel Shelves

Fully bespoke, our stainless steel shelves can be configured entirely to your specifications – from a single shelf for wall-mounting to an entire room’s worth of storage.

Thanks to the naturally antibacterial properties of this superior-quality steel, it is highly suited to any environment in which hygiene and bacteria control are paramount: from healthcare institutions and veterinary surgeries to food-preparation sites and laboratories.

Freestanding units can be supplied with height-adjustable legs if required. We can even fit locking castors, for areas where the unit might need to be moved. Shelves are supplied for easy fitting in their permanent position by the customer. Where variable shelving is required, we can supply a multi-tier unit, whereby shelves can be attached to different positions on rear bars.

Metal shelving can be used in a variety of situations and so whether you're in need of metal shelving for your domestic or commercial kitchen, your garage for storage or even in a laboratory, we can create whatever you need to your specification.

Stainless steel racking

Racking is a must, whether you're in a workshop, kitchen laboratory or anywhere else, you always need somewhere to store things. Stainless steel racking offers a fantastic way to keep your items out of the way but just in reach, a happy medium. you're able to utilise the antibacterial properties of stainless steel racking which means that you're able to store next to anything on there.

Our stainless steel shelving, racking and rails can all come with built-in wall brackets and so that you don't need to go out and purchase fixture and fittings. Get in touch today and let have a chat about your stainless steel needs! Just give us a call us on 01159 255927 or go ahead and use our contact form on this page and we'll get back to you.

Whether you're after a floating shelf, freestanding self racking or anything else, we're here to help you with a bespoke solution.

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Stainless Steel Shelves for Laboratories

Stainless Steel Shelves for Laboratories

Robust, durable and ultra-hygienic: our 316-grade stainless-steel shelving is the perfect choice for a laboratory environment.

From the easy-clean surface to the supreme strength of the metal, our shelves are designed to complement all lab applications. What’s more, because the shelving is fully bespoke, the options are almost limitless.

You can choose:

  • any width, depth and height of shelving unit;
  • frame-style support can have height-adjustable legs, if required;
  • locking castors can be fitted to any – or all – units, for maximum flexibility;
  • corners can be rounded, for safety;
  • end panels can be fitted;
  • small upstands can be added, to contain shelved items.

For truly versatile storage, consider adding cupboards and drawers to shelving units. We are experts in supplying to the laboratory sector. Take a look at our range of laboratory-specified worktops, fume cupboard liners, hand-wash basins, sinks and shower trays, among others. Get in touch today, to find out how we can fabricate the items you need for your project.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Healthcare

Stainless Steel Shelves for Healthcare

Super-durable and supremely hygienic: stainless-steel shelves from DSM are the best choice for a clinic, practice, hospital or care home.

The naturally antibacterial properties of the metal, combined with the wipe-clean surface and lack of dust-creating materials (such as from wood products, like MDF) make it easy to maintain the high-hygiene environment so essential in a healthcare environment.

Our steel shelves are fully bespoke: they can be fabricated to your exact specifications. This means you can acquire shelving that fits the application and situation exactly. Whether you need individual shelves for affixing to the wall, or ranks of open storage to line a room, we can supply the items you require.

You can specify:

  • height, width and depth of shelving units;
  • fixed shelves are standard – however, adjustable shelves are an option;
  • standard or height-adjustable legs;
  • 304- or 316-grade stainless steel (the latter being specified for laboratories);
  • standard feet or locking castors, for mobility.

Our stainless-steel items for the healthcare sector are widely used in hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Contact us today, to discuss our range of products, which includes shower trays, worktops, tables, vanity sinks, slop hoppers and sluice sinks.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities

Stainless Steel Shelves for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities

Stainless-steel shelves from DSM will last for decades, making them the cost-effective choice for your educational establishment.

They are also supremely strong and impact resistant, meaning they will stand up to the rigours of even the most demanding academic environment. Whether you need ranks of storage for a library or catering area, or individual, wall-mounting shelves for a classroom or nursery, we can fabricate the precise size of product, to your specifications. Thanks to our bespoke factory set-up, we can offer an almost limitless array of options, including:

  • units to any width, depth and height;
  • fixed shelves as standard – or we can offer the facility to create a multi-tier shelving unit;
  • food-grade (304) metal can be substituted with laboratory-grade (316);
  • standard feet can be replaced with locking castors, where mobility is required;
  • shelves can have rounded corners, for added safety;
  • shelves can have upstands, to retain items.

We can also incorporate integral cupboards and drawers, if needed.

We offer a varied range of other items for the educational arena, including cupboards, worktops, washroom facilities, sinks and hand-wash basins. Contact us today, to discuss the requirements for your institution or project.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Catering

Stainless Steel Shelves for Catering

DSM are a chosen supplier to the catering industry, thanks to the high quality of our workmanship and materials, and our strict adherence to deadlines.

Our stainless-steel shelving units are made from superior-quality, 304-food-grade steel, and are so rigid and robust, they will last for decades, making them the obvious choice for your commercial kitchen.

Each of our shelving units is bespoke. You can specify:

  • individual shelves for wall-mounting, or freestanding unit/s;
  • exact height, width and depth of shelves and overall unit;
  • quantity of shelves per unit;
  • upstands to shelves, to retain items;
  • end panels to shelving units, for a neat finish;
  • fixed or height-adjustable legs;
  • standard feet or locking castors for mobility.

Contact us today, to discuss your shelving needs – and take a look at our wide range of other catering products, from cupboards, worktops and trolleys to hand-wash basins, catering sinks and splashbacks. We also provide entire kitchens for the commercial catering arena.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Washrooms

Stainless Steel Shelves for Washrooms

Our stainless-steel shelves are industrial-strength: they will last for decades, even in the most demanding of washroom environments.

The naturally antibacterial and rust-resistant surface is also almost impervious to impact. Whether you require individual shelves for mounting on the wall, or a range of freestanding units, our bespoke service allows us to fabricate each piece to your specifications.

Choose the height, width and depth of shelving you require; choose either standard feet or locking castors, for mobility; opt for standard shelves or choose rounded corners, as a safety feature; add upstands to shelves, if items need to be contained.

Our washroom products don’t stop at shelving: we also offer lockable cupboards, plus vanity tops, urinals, hand-wash basins, shower trays and a wide range of sinks. Contact us today, to discuss your requirements.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Your Home

Stainless Steel Shelves for Your Home

The height of contemporary styling, our stainless-steel shelving units combine functionality with aesthetics.

Perfect for a modern interior, where gleaming surfaces need to be complemented by equally sleek storage, our shelves are made from superior-quality, food-grade metal, making them suitable for any room in your home.

Our shelves are also fully bespoke: whether you want an entire wall of steel shelving for a kitchen or utility room, a single freestanding unit, or individual shelves for wall-mounting, we can fabricate the pieces you require. We can replace standard feet with locking castors, for a wheeled unit; fabricate shelves with curved edges; add small upstands to retain cookery books; or add an end panel to the unit, for a neat finish.

We love a challenge: if you have a specific vision for your shelving, get in touch: we will do our best to supply the exact item you desire. We can also fabricate entire kitchens, from cupboards and worktops to sinks and hand-wash basins.

As with all of our stainless-steel products for the home, our shelves are supplied with a twenty-five-year guarantee*, for your peace of mind.

*Please refer to the Resource section of our Help and FAQ page, for full warranty terms and conditions.

Stainless Steel Shelves for Veterinary Practices

Stainless Steel Shelves for Veterinary Practices

A busy veterinary surgery needs practical storage that will stand the test of time.

Stainless-steel shelving from DSM is tough, impact-resistant, and will last for decades. It is also supremely hygienic: the metal’s inbuilt antibacterial properties combine with an easy-clean surface, to make it ideal for a veterinary clinic, where hygiene is paramount.

Our shelving is fully bespoke. Choose:

  • 304- or 316- (laboratory-) grade stainless steel;
  • any height, width or depth of shelf and unit;
  • freestanding units or wall-mounting shelves;
  • standard feet or locking castors;
  • fixed or height-adjustable legs;
  • standard shelves – or add upstands, to retain contents.

We can also fabricate any other option, to your specifications, whether you are looking for built-in cupboards and drawers, or have a requirement specific to your practice. We offer a wide range of other products suitable for use in veterinary surgeries, including worktops, trolleys, tables and shower trays. Contact us today, to discuss your needs.