From Stainless Steel Cars to Star Trek, Blade Runner and Tron

From Stainless Steel Cars to Star Trek, Blade Runner and Tron

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During the 1960s, many U.S. steel companies worked on eye catching concept designs for the to help promote them. At the time it was said that, “Stainless steel would help bring dramatic and exciting improvements to your world of tomorrow".

The McLouth Steel Corporation, located in Detroit, introduced a futuristic looking Stainless Steel concept car called the XV '61. The upper part of the body structure had a satin-finish stainless steel with a blue translucent coating. This was accented by natural brushed stainless below.

The car’s design was developed by the Artist and “futurist” Syd Mead. Syd went to work for the Ford Motor Company in 1959. At Ford, he was a part a team managed by Elwood Engle, for the purpose of advancing car design. During his time at Ford, Syd’s talent for futuristic renderings was recognised and he even received the chance to illustrate several books such as “Innovations” for the U.S. Steel Co.

In 1979, Syd went on to poduce conceptual art for blockbusting films such as “Star Trek”, “Blade Runner”, “TRON (2010)” and even “Mission Impossible 3”.


Iconic design always stands the test of time, Just as you can see iconic Stainless Steel Design throughout our website.