The worlds first stainless steel flying boat!

The worlds first stainless steel flying boat!

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In order to create aeroplanes with all-welded stainless steel construction that would be lighter, stronger, and safer, Edward G. Budd formed the American Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company in 1930. His flying boat - The Budd BB-1 Pioneer, used a new patented welding technique for stainless steel to create its whole framework. The biplane flying boat used a single Kinner C-5 radial engine situated on the centreline of the aircraft, between the wings, with the lower wing attached close to the top of the hull and the upper wing held high above. During water landings, wheels attached to the hull's sides were raised. The lone tailwheel couldn't be retracted. The open cockpit at the bow was used by the pilot and two passengers.

From the Budd Factory airstrip, which is located northwest of Philadelphia (Latitude 40.11/West Longitude 75.04), the BB-1 prototype made its first flight. Even though it is not being utilised as a landing strip, the field is still visible.

The BB-1 underwent rigorous testing, performing barrel rolls, pursuit-like loops, and other tricks. Once, it even made a landing with its gear retracted to demonstrate the durability of its hull. After six years of intensive testing and use in both America and Europe, the aircraft had been flown by more than 25 pilots.

It’s lower wing and fabric were taken off in 1935, and it was positioned outside the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for permanent display. It was placed on exhibition in front of Philadelphia's Franklin Institute.

"Completely denuded, exposed to all kinds of atmospheric conditions, rain, snow, ice and dust." After three years of that treatment, the Pioneer's condition was deemed so "structurally perfect" that "there was no sign of wear, no deterioration, no corrosion of structural parts or welds." They estimated that, with a new power plant, the ship would be "ready to fly again for an unlimited time."


We very much doubt the Budd BB-1 Pioneer had any 'facilities' for the pilots.... however if it did then a bathroom with our stainless steel wash basins would be the perfect addition!

And finally... we were going end this article with a clever airplane joke, but in the end we decided against it as we thought it might go over your heads.