What’s huge, floats, is made completely out of Stainless Steel and costs $12 Million?

What’s huge, floats, is made completely out of Stainless Steel and costs $12 Million?

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It’s not very often you see stainless steel floating on water, so seeing a huge floating yacht made entirely of stainless steel must be a sight to behold! Whilst you might assume you were dreaming if you saw such a thing, it is in fact a real life vessel.

The Mansion Yacht, as it has been known, made its inaugural appearance at the 60th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and is the first of its kind to be constructed entirely from stainless steel.

Bruno Edwards of Mansion Yachts stated; "It does a whole bunch of other things that a normal yacht doesn't do, so it doesn't replace an ocean-going yacht, but it definitely is a great addition to the yacht family."

All those tonnes of stainless steel don’t come cheap however – the 9,000 sq ft entry level model in the range comes in at a wallet busting $12 million. Despite that Edwards confirmed that the company had already received a lot of interest in the vessel.

The yacht comes in at a considerable 84 ft long and the 9,000 sq ft of space provides sufficient accommodation for up to 149 people. It has a 1,600 sq ft entertainment area on the front deck, along with a 3,300 sq ft viewing space . . . it even features a hot tub large enough for 7 people.

Perhaps one of its most unique features however is the addition of four 18 ft long hydraulic legs which can raise the vessel about the water creating a fixed structure supported on the seabed.

Stainless steel is well know for lower long term maintenance costs, and this super-yacht is no exception as is claimed to have ongoing costs of only 25% that of traditional fibreglass ships.


We can just imagine cruising down the River Trent on this beauty!! And being made completely out of stainless steel it’s going to need lots of cutting edge, beautifully designed stainless steel inside… like one of our stainless steel kitchens for example


Image courtesy of Mansion yachts