What connects Romeo and Juliet, a plumber, Stainless Steel and the National Style “O” ?

What connects Romeo and Juliet, a plumber, Stainless Steel and the National Style “O” ?

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“I hold a guitar like a plumber holds a hammer” (Mark Knopfler)

Mark Knopfler famously used the National O-14 Style Fret model during his career on Dire Straits and The Notting Hillbillies.

The guitar first appeared on the cover of Dire Straits' album Brothers in Arms, released on May 13th 1985. The guitar has since become very popular, and this brass instrument with its distinct Hawaiian Pal Tree design has become a timeless classic.

Hawaiian music became very popular in the early 20th century, and while the traditional the traditional wood-bodied guitars were being adapted for Hawaiian playing, something different was still needed. Musicians began finding and experimenting with new materials and mechanisms to produce different sounds. And from there came the idea to make this stainless steel guitar.

In 1978, Mark bought this particular guitar from Steve Phillips, whom he met in 1969 while working as a reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post. The two eventually became close and began playing together at local bars under the stage name The Duolian String Pickers. The guitar is famous for appearing on the cover of Dire Strait's 1982 album, Brothers in Arms. Notably, he used it for the studio recordings of "Telegraph Road" from his 1982 album Love over Gold and "Romeo and Juliet" from his 1980 album Making Movies.

The Style “O” is adorned with sandblasted designs, with a strong Hawaiian motif capturing some of the romance of the period. The swaying palm trees and gentle surf evocative of a tropical paradise.


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