For the Bugatti owner that has everything… except a self levelling, carbon fibre & stainless steel pool table!

For the Bugatti owner that has everything… except a self levelling, carbon fibre & stainless steel pool table!

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Yes! We know what you’re thinking. You’ve got a big yacht and the pool tables in the ARGOS catalogue just don’t quite have the look you need to impress your Hypercar owner friends… you need something with lots of carbon fibre and Stainless Steel. Well Bugatti have come up with a perfect (albeit a touch pricey) solution… a carbon-fibre pool table that costs $300,000. And to make it even more special, only 30 will ever be sold.

Appropriately named the Bugatti Pool Table, it was designed in collaboration with IXO, a Spanish company that specialises in carbon-fibre, and carbon fibre creations like this one. Bugatti has made sure the design is comparable to professional tournament tables, and is built from titanium and machined aluminium.

For added luxury the table’s ball pockets are made from stainless steel, and are leather lined. The sides of the drawers are built from CNC-machined anodised aluminium. And the nuts and screws are titanium. And naturally, it's got lots of lovely Bugatti badges on it.

But not to worry if you’re wondering if your $300,000 pool table will come with cues. It not only comes with cues but with a wall-mounted cue support, that is made from matching carbon-fibre but has a 13-inch touchscreen so you can keep a track of your winning streak. The cues are also a complete and utter work of art. Made from carbon-fibre they have aluminium ends that match the design of the Bugatti Chiron's interior buttons. Along with this, there is also a dimmable ceiling light (also made from carbon), a leather suitcase to transport the balls (although the reason why you’d need to carry the balls around with you escapes us!), an aluminium chalk box and a cleaning brush (for your ‘staff’ to use).

Because many Bugatti owners have yachts that they naturally want to play pool on, and yachts are notoriously found in the water and are subject to waves and instability, the pool table is available with an impressive servo-driven self-levelling system. Utilising a gyroscopic sensor, each leg can be individually adjusted in just 5 milliseconds to maintain a perfectly level table when the ship is moving or swaying. Bugatti also says the system's operation is completely silent and vibration-free.

We think we have one up on the Bugatti table though… our Stainless Steel Tables not only have antibacterial properties but can cope with extremes of heat and are resistant to impact. They are also perfect for your next Super Yacht’s galley!