AI creates an impossible Stainless Steel statue

AI creates an impossible Stainless Steel statue

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A high-tech engineering team called Sandvik has unveiled a new work of art called the Impossible Statue. The statue is a feat of modern engineering, created using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, advanced software solutions and precision manufacturing.

On display at Tekniska Museet (Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology), the artwork builds on the 500-year legacy of Michelangelo, Rodin, Kollwitz, Kotaro and Savage, master artists spanning three continents and over 500 years of history.

The impossible statue is made possible through the innovative use of AI modeling and state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions. Made of stainless steel, the complexity and precision required to bring the statue to life put Sandvik's advanced digital fabrication solutions and cutting tools to the test.

Thanks to its unique position in a range of leading cutting tools and software solutions, the high-tech mechanical engineering group is a world leader in component manufacturing. These solutions can provide customers with simplified ways to use data insights and modeling to collaborate, design and manufacture products.

"The Impossible Statue is a great example of what the combination of modern technology and human brilliance can create,” said Peter Skogh, Director at Tekniska museet. “Our mission is to create a broader understanding of the possibilities of technology and to stimulate the next generation to pursue a career within STEM-topics. This project is ticking all the boxes for us and I’m excited to offer our visitors the opportunity to see the statue.”

At DSM we don't use artificial intelligence to design and manufacure products like our Stainless Steel worktops, but we have got a terrible AI joke for you... Did you hear they’ve made a new artificially intelligent Oreo? ... It’s one smart cookie.