Stainless Steel continues to Rock!

Stainless Steel continues to Rock!

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Stainless steel is used is the manufacture of a variety of musical instruments, but there aren’t many that are made entirely of stainless steel. One notable exception is the Stash Stainless bass guitar, designed and hand built by Stan Potyrala.

 Every part of the guitar is made from stainless steel, from the unified frets to the tubular neck which places the stringer in a radius around the neck, making it a more natural and comfortable fit to the musician's hand, reducing fatigue and muscle strain when playing the guitar for longer periods.

The all stainless steel construction also reduces the need to retune the guitar as it maintains an equalised temperature throughout the whole instrument – it also means that temperature variations have no effect on the tone of the guitar as they would on more traditional designs.

Unfortunately, you can’t play any beautiful music our stainless steel products (though you are welcome to try!) . . . but you might find one of our Stainless Steel Bar Sinks at your local music venue!

Stash Stainless Bass