Stainless Steel and the heptathlon gold

Stainless Steel and the heptathlon gold

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It’s not every day that British Records are broke, so it’s even sweeter when they are achieved with the aid of stainless steel. It was in this years World Championships that 26 year old Katarina Johnson-Thompson shattered the previous British Heptathlon Record withna competition winning 6,981 points.

Despite having never achieved an outdoor medal previously she beat the 2017 champion Nafissatou Thiam by a full 304 points, securing herself the Gold medal for the event.

The medal was clinched with a personal best javelin throw by Katarina of 43.93 metres versus Thiam’s best throw of 48.04 metres, allowing her a 137 point lead going into the final 800m event.

Johnson-Thompsons personal best javelin throw was achieved with a Nordic Competition Javelin which features a steel shaft, combined with a stainless steel head. The stainless steel provides greater durability and prevents rusting of the tip. The stainless steel can also be very highly polished to increase aerodynamics. Competition javelins like this aren’t cheap though and can come in at nearly £1K a chuck!

The properties needed for the tip of the javelin - durability and resistance to corrosion - are precisely the qualities found in our stainless steel products. It is the reason why they form the basis of every laboratory sink we manufacture, and are the best choice for any modern lab. You might not be able to chuck them as far as a javelin, but they can form the cutting edge of every lab install.