What has Vogue, Bono, Clannad, a shipwreck and Stainless Steel got in common?

What has Vogue, Bono, Clannad, a shipwreck and Stainless Steel got in common?

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The community of Gaoth Dobhair are deciding on what will happen to the iconic shipwreck ‘Bád Eddie’ located on the Magheracloghe beach. The wreck was originally created in France going on to be purchased by a local fisherman named Eddie Gillespie. But after washing ashore in the 1970s the wreck has been at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean for nearly 50 years.

The wreck made its claim to fame, being featured in many forms like the 1985 music video ‘In a Lifetime’ by Clannad, which features Bono from U2. The ship even once appeared in Vogue magazine. Unfortunately the remains of the ship have become incredibly unsafe and now it poses a risk to the public. Its deterioration prompting a rescue plan, hoping to preserve her for future generations.

Deputy Doherty said: “As many people will be aware, the vessel has laid on the strand at Magherclogher since the 1970s following a storm which saw the boat run aground where its wooden remains have been left rotting ever since. While the vessel has become a well known and much loved tourist attraction over the years, even having appeared in a number of famous music videos as well in publications and brochures promoting the county, it’s unfortunately the case the rate of decay has accelerated significantly to the point that the boat has become unsafe and now poses a risk to the public.”

“A few years ago, my colleague Councillor John Sheamais Ó Fearraigh had been in contact with both the local authority and the Office of Public Works in a bid to clarify the status of the wreck as well as to make efforts to have the structure made safe and preserved. Notwithstanding this, it’s believed that the boat is now beyond salvaging with many now holding the view that something needs to be done to make the location safe for beach goers.”

“Similarly, there is wide spread consensus locally that – if it is to be removed – then a new structure or other monument should be installed in its place which would act as both a fitting tribute to the boat as well as something which in time could become a potential tourist attraction for the area.”

“They plan to encase the wreck in stainless steel, acting as a protective barrier, but serving as an artwork in its own right. It will let future generations 'peer through the stainless steel monument into the remains of the old boat'. If we achieve what we want to achieve and I have no doubt that we will, it will become Ireland's first permanent sea sculpture."


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