Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards

Our stainless-steel kitchen cupboards combine the aesthetics of gleaming steel with a high level of functionality.

Our products can all be custom made precisely to your design, size and spec...

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25 Year Guarantee 25 Year Guarantee

Our products are covered by our full 25-year material and workmanship guarantee for complete peace of mind

Fully Bespoke Fully Bespoke

Our products can all be custom made precisely to your design, size and spec, to precisely suit your project

Premium Quality Premium Quality

Our skilled engineers utilise the highest-quality materials, to ensure the highest possible level of construction and finish

Prompt Delivery Prompt Delivery

We endeavour to meet even the tightest of timescales and always deliver precisely to the timescale agreed

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards

Fabricated from the highest-quality, 304-grade steel, they are the most hygienic material for any area where food is prepared.

Each cupboard is made to order in our Nottingham factory, meaning you can specify the precise size of unit you require, to fit even the most awkward of spaces. Whether you need wall-mounted cupboards or base units – or a combination of the two – we can fabricate the exact item/s you require, to your specifications. The options also include a choice of open cupboard for ease of access to shelving, or two cupboard door types: either hinged or sliding. We can also supply plinths and a variety of different handles, including recessed and D-shape. Our stainless steel floor cupboards can also be supplied with a fully configured stainless steel worktop fitted to the top.

Because we incorporate no wood into these premium carcasses, there is no swelling or rotting over time – meaning the cupboards will retain their shape and will last for decades. They are also the most hygienic choice: the food-grade metal is naturally antibacterial, making it easy to clean and facilitating the maintenance of a high-hygiene environment.

DSM kitchen cupboards are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, as well as academic facilities and domestic settings. Please refer to the relevant section for more information on your sector.

Whether you're interested in cupboards for your home, work or any other commercial setting, a stainless steel kitchen and cupboards aren't complete without a plinth or kickboard. A stainless steel kitchen plinth will be situated at the bottom of your cupboards so that nothing can fall and roll under your cupboards. This kind of plinth adds the finishing touches to any kitchen and can be made to measure which mean it'll fit your kitchen perfectly.

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities

DSM’s stainless-steel kitchen cupboards will last for decades, making them the financially-sound option for your academic institution.

Whether you require a single unit for a nursery or preschool, or an entire kitchen for a further or higher education facility, we can fabricate the products you need.

Made from high-quality, 304-grade steel – which, thanks to naturally-occurring antibacterial properties, is the most hygienic material on the market – our kitchen cupboards are supremely hygienic and will meet all current Health & Safety and Food Hygiene regulations. They are also easy to clean, and will retain their distinctive sheen for decades to come.

Each carcass is made to order, giving you ultimate control of the kitchen’s design, to ensure the most practical storage solution for its end users, whether you are furnishing a food technology room or a faculty kitchen.

Options include:

  • any size of carcass, to fit the situation and application;
  • wall-mounting units, with integral fixings;
  • base units, with optional worktop fixings;
  • height-adjustable legs can be fitted to base units, if required;
  • cupboard can be left open for easy access, or can feature a choice of either sliding or hinged doors (the latter is ideal where space is at a premium).

DSM’s kitchen cupboards are just one set of products within a wide range of stainless-steel items for the academic sector.

For more information on how we can assist with your project, contact us today.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Catering

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Catering

Our stainless-steel cupboards for commercial kitchens are the most robust model on the market. Designed for the catering arena, they are made from only the highest-quality, 304-grade steel throughout.

This steel meets all current Food Hygiene and Health & Safety regulations, making it ideal for a catering establishment. It also boasts antibacterial properties and is easy to clean, ensuring the maintenance of an ultra-hygienic environment.

Our kitchen cupboards are bespoke, allowing for full flexibility. Options include:

  • standard-size carcasses, or your choice of exact height and width;
  • optional, height-adjustable legs on floor-standing units;
  • choice of handles on doors, including D-shape and recessed;
  • choice of open cupboard, or either sliding or hinged doors (where space is tight, opt for sliding doors – these are also the safest option in a busy kitchen, where an open door can otherwise present a hazard);
  • optional plinths: removable or fixed.

At DSM, we can create any size of order – from a single cupboard to a large number of units. We always meet our deadlines, meaning you can plan your fitting schedule in the confidence that all items from us will be delivered on time.

Take a look at the other products we supply to the catering sector, which include bespoke worktops, extractor canopies, hand-wash basins, sink units and wash troughs – or contact us today, to discuss the precise requirements for your project.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Your Home

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupboards for Your Home

With its highly-reflective surface and modern styling, stainless steel is the ideal choice for a contemporary interior.

Our bespoke stainless-steel kitchen cupboards make the most of the lustre of the steel, together with its durability and functionality. Highly adaptable, to suit your tastes and requirements, and with easy-clean properties, these cupboards will provide a beautiful core to your kitchen scheme.

All of our kitchen cupboards are made on-site in our Nottingham factory from a raw sheet which comprises around sixty per cent recycled material – and the end product is fully recyclable, making these units by far the most environmentally-friendly option on the market. What’s more, they are so durable, we supply them with a twenty-five-year guarantee*.

Thanks to our bespoke factory set-up, the choices are almost limitless:

  • choose the exact size of each unit;
  • choose the quantity of floor and wall units;
  • add height-adjustable legs to floor units, if required;
  • add your choice from our range of handles;
  • choose either open units, to display contents, or opt for either sliding or hinged doors (or a combination of all three);
  • add optional plinths – either fixed or removable – for a streamlined finish.

As well as kitchen cupboards, we offer bespoke worktops, plus sinks and hand-wash basins, so that you can create a truly stylish, fully-integrated home kitchen.

Get in touch today, to find out more about our stainless-steel products for your home.