£71m for a Stainless Steel Rabbit?! We’ll have 3!

£71m for a Stainless Steel Rabbit?! We’ll have 3!

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It’s not very often you see a gleaming, polished stainless steel rabbit unless you have too much cheese before bedtime or a penchant for hallucinogenic substances.

It may be that rarity resulted in this 1986 sculpture by Jeff Koons selling recently for $91.1 million (£71m) at Christie’s auction house in New York.

The 41 inch (104 cm) high shining stainless steel rabbit represents the highest priced artwork ever to be sold by a living artist, despite having an initial reserve of a much lesser $20 million, and tops the previous record set by David Hockney, a British painter who’s 1972 work 'Portrait of an Artist' (Pool With Two Figures) sold for $90.3 million (£70m) in November 2018.

The rabbit isn’t alone either, it is the second in a unique set of three, all formed from mirror polished stainless steel.

You won’t see many stainless steel rabbits hopping around the DSM factory, but all the products we manufacture are ideal for veterinary practices and animal health establishments, particularly our Free Standing Sink, which can be built to fit easily and quickly in any pre-existing space.


Image: please note... the stainless steel robot rabbit image shown is not the £71m sculpture by Jeff Koons!