What has Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Stainless Steel got in common?

What has Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Stainless Steel got in common?

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Well.. it might not be anything to do with painting, but it does have something to do with design. The design being Frank Gehry‘s building for the Luma Arles Arts Centre in Southern France.

The Tower, centerpiece of the Luma Arles arts campus in the french town of Arles, is the new reflective stainless steel building created by the Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect. Gehry took inspiration from the towns surrounding area, designing based off of the nearby mountains and Arles' own roman architecture.

With The Tower, Gehry said, “We wanted to evoke the local, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the soaring rock clusters you find in the region. It’s central drum echoes the plan of the Roman amphitheater.”

The structure is situated amongst traditional buildings within the campus at the Parc des Ateliers. Made with a steel frame and a concrete core, the building towers at an incredible 56 meters high; standing above a vast majority of the surrounding buildings. The Tower emerges from a spherical glass atrium, mirroring Arles' Roman ampitheater. 11,000 irregularly placed Stainless Steel panels create a jagged and sharp aestethic, which is further highlighted by the glass boxes that potrude from it. Stainless Steel panels add to this, creating a structure that reflects the limestone cliffs around the city.


We have lots of Stianless Steel products that would have been perfect for the Luma Ales Arts Centre like our Wash Basins, or Shelving, or even our Tables. But to get them there we would have had to use one of our vans... and how do you make a Van Gogh? ... turn the key of coarse! (after spending the Monet to buy Degas naturally).