Bill Tutte - Master WW2 Codebreaker - immortalised in Stainless Steel

Bill Tutte - Master WW2 Codebreaker - immortalised in Stainless Steel

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The allied nations of the UK, USA and France recently commemorated the D-Day landings on the 6th June, where the UK lead the push back against the Nazi invasion of World War 2.

Much of the success that helped turn the tide of the war was the result of the work done a Bletchley Park in decoding German secret war transmissions. It was Bill Tutte and his team that eventually cracked the Nazi Lorenz cipher, which is said to have significantly shortened World War 2, by as much as two years, and likely saved thousands of allied lives as a result. The Lorenz cipher was generated by a German code machine nicknamed ‘Tunny’ that could generate 1.6 million billion different combinations.

His contribution, whilst now legendary, was only released to the public in the mid-1990’s by the government, due to concerns over national security.

To commemorate this incredible work, Cambridge based sculptor Harry Gray has immortalised Bill Tutte’s face in the form of five stainless steel panels for part of a memorial at Tutte’s home town of Rutland Hill, Newmarket. The sculpture uses flat stainless steel panels that are perforated to form the image of Tutte’s face, and come together to create the entire image when viewed on the approach to the memorial.


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