You can now travel by Stainless Steel e-rickshaw!

You can now travel by Stainless Steel e-rickshaw!

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In a new initiative focused on sustainable modes of transportation, Jindal Stainless has developed the first stainless steel electric rickshaw prototype in India.

The Indian e-vehicle market will be one of the biggest in the world and the company was ready to enhance the value and efficiency of these e-vehicles with sustainable stainless steel body constituents,” said Abhyuday Jindal, managing director, Jindal Stainless.

We will support e-rickshaw manufacturers in designing and developing stainless steel models. We will associate with e-rickshaw dealers and manufacturers for seamless production of this environmentally-friendly vehicle,” he added.

Jindal's stainless steel electric rickshaws are said to have a superior chassis and body compared to carbon steel units. According to Jindal Stainless, due to their high strength-to-weight ratio, improved crash resistance and corrosion protection, the stainless steel components extend the service life up to 5 years and improve the safety of the electric rickshaw. Stainless steel components allow for a 14-15% reduction in overall weight, improving battery efficiency. Also, the scrap value of a stainless steel electric rickshaw is much higher.


Stainless Steel is a great material for this new rickshaw, especially as it's environmentally friendly. Just like all our stainless steel products they are 100% recyclable. In fact, more than half of all the stainless steel materials that are in use today have been sourced from scrap materials.