What it's like to live inside a Stainless Steel tube (#spoiler… it’s actually quite nice!)

What it's like to live inside a Stainless Steel tube (#spoiler… it’s actually quite nice!)

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Once just a pipe dream, the tubular Stainless steel house of Architect Sergey Kuznetsov’s fables is now a reality. And you can visit it at the Nikola-Lenivets art park in the Kaluga region, 155 miles from Moscow.

Sergey's pipe-shaped apartment was designed for the Arkhstoyanie arts festival, it contains a bed, kitchen and even a shower. The home has a diameter of 3.5 metres (11.4ft) and a length of 12 metres (39.3ft) and is constructed to give the idea that its floating off the edge of a slope.

When describing the project, which is titled 'Russian Quintessential', Sergey (Chief Architect of Moscow since 2012) said, “People call it the Pipe, and I think it's perfectly normal. It's like flying or floating over the ground. For me, it is the most interesting part of the concept. Of course, the interior, the steel surface, but the most exciting thing is the flying element of the construction.”

This 12-tonne Stainless Steel tube is kept level thanks to a concrete slab at one end acting as a counterweight, and an underground ‘reinforcement cage’. Inside you will find stylish and minimal decor, a dark wooden kitchen unit, a dining table, industrial stools, and a double bed. The interior walls are lined with light wood, and a glass door opens up to a balcony, which sits at the most elevated point.

Sergey added, “At some points of view you see construction mixing with nature, making it transparent. It is the dual nature of this building, combining contrast and transparency. I think partly this is what excites people about it. Most of them feel some kind of magic from it.”

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