As rust free as new - the Stainless Steel Porsche 911

As rust free as new - the Stainless Steel Porsche 911

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Ever fancied a polished stainless steel metallic Porsche? You might be surprised to learn that one actually exists - a 1967 911S no less. The experimental car with a stainless-steel body, strangely remains shrouded in mystery.

The 911S is currently housed in the huge car collection of the Deutsches Museum, in Munich, Germany where is has stood since 1974. Though little is known about the car, reports suggest it was built by Porsche in 1967 – though no one can confirm who commissioned the vehicle which is reported to have cost over twice that of the then standard 911S.

The car clocked up an impressive 93,000 miles over the intervening 7 year period under the drivership of Heinz Todtmann, director of the Informationsstelle Edelstahl Rostfrei (Stainless Steel Information Center) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Other than the body – which contributed to a 110 pounds reduction in weight over its standard steel counterpart – the car has standard fittings and engines, which boasts a 2 litre, 6 cylinder, engine and 160HP before exiting though a custom made stainless steel exhaust system.

Naturally, being stainless steel, the car looks as good today as it did in 1967 – stainless steel does not corrode, and as a result the car doesn’t have a single spot of rust in sight. Rumours are that three of these stainless steel Porches were actually built, but the whereabouts of the remaining two are unknown.

Sadly we don’t have one of the missing Porches here at DSM nor can we build one, but our stainless steel shelves are the ideal solution for storing the tools and parts for someone else to do so!


Image: Author - More Cars from Berlin, Germany. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.