The Sci-Fi furniture showroom from outer space! Built using Stainless Steel sheets

The Sci-Fi furniture showroom from outer space! Built using Stainless Steel sheets

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Like a cross between DFS, a Star Trek spaceship and something Elon Musk might come up with, PIG Design has just created ‘Ya Space!’ A new furniture showroom in Hangzhou

The Chinese architecture studio, PIG Design, designed the showroom for the Memphis Milano furniture brand in Hangzhou. The interiors have been created to make help customers "feel the atmosphere of Memphis" as they shop for a new 3 piece suite!

The showroom's exterior, interiors and name were all created to reference the Italian design and architecture group, as well as the city of Memphis. It was named ‘Ya Space!’ as a play on the city's nickname, Bluff city, which references several nearby bluffs (or cliffs) on the Mississippi River, because cliff is pronounced as Ya in Cantonese.

"Ya Space! not only echoes the nickname of Memphis in China – Cliff City, but also conveys a surprising feeling that indicates the unexpected sensory experiences Memphis furniture brings to people," PIG Design said.

The idea of a cliff also inspired the building's facades, which are wrapped in huge angular, corrugated stainless steel sheets. The effect is unlike any furniture showroom we have ever seen before, and the use of Stainless Steel only adds to the building's individuality.

"We hope that what customers feel in the space is not the ordinary white box exhibition hall but a totally different perception, one that makes the customers feel the atmosphere of Memphis," said PIG Design founder Li Wenqiang.


If we were ever to design a new DSM headquarters... then something like this would be perfect (the interior is a tad... 'orange', but the rest is stunning), and whilst we don't curently make furniture for your home we do make beautiful Stainless Steel Kitchens. Check out our website for more information about our bespoke, handmade Kitchens. They're a work of art!